Allen Lowe is a genius!  His work is always full of wonder, the excitement of discovery, and humor.  I’m amazed by the energy and intelligence it takes to do this quantity of work at this level while on the margins of media and music.  Yes, I know that the best work has always been done at  the margins, by the so-called underground - Poe, Whitman, Monk, Harvey Pekar, Herbie Nichols, James Joyce, Sun Ra - but it’s still a surprise and a revelation whenever you find it.
— John Szwed, Yale University; Columbia Jazz Studies
Allen Lowe has made a crucial contribution to American culture, and all those who want to see our musical history whole are in his debt
— Greil Marcus
Through no fault of his own, Allen Lowe has become jazz’s quintessential outsider artist.
— Francis Davis
Allen Lowe is an American master. I was absolutely astonished by the new CD. The CD blew me away — the compositional transitions, the liner notes — Allen Lowe is a great writer. It’s hillbilly music but it’s trans-national. Allen Lowe is one of the few musicians doing anything new today. He is the tradition. I’m a big fan of Allen Lowe and I think as a musician and a scholar he is very important and I think he is deeply misunderstood because he doesn’t hate himself.
— Anthony Braxton




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